About Us


SPLASH Dance Company, founded in May 2017, was created with the aim of bringing a refreshing message of hope and inclusion for people with disabilities.

We want to show what we can do – which together is quite a lot and that with one person missing, the splash would not be as impactful. Through our performances we aim to be role models in inclusion and integration of people with disabilities bringing a refreshing SPLASH! 

Together we find our meaning.


SPLASH Dance Company integrates dancers with and without disabilities. The dancers come with a variety of skills and experiences including 2 wheelchair basketball players, a weightlifting champion, a contemporary dance student, and an aspiring DJ.  Each person adds their own flavour to the group bringing a collective statement of equality regardless of differences.


Twinomujuni Ivan

Also a member of Soul Expressions dance group 

When talking about SPLASH Dance Company he says, ‘I have had fun’… ‘and explored the greatness of positiveness.’

Challenges Facing Persons with Disability in Uganda

Source: Uganda National Household Survey Report 2009/10


In Uganda it is recorded that nearly 14% of Ugandans over 5 and above have a disability. (Ugandan National Population and Housing Census 2014)

From childhood up to adulthood the rights of persons with disability are challenged. 

Only 9% of children with disabilities attend primary school and a further 6% carry on to secondary school. unicef_cwdssituationalanalysisuganda_2014.pdf

As children with disabilities mature, even if they had previously received an education, transitioning onto adulthood does not come easily. Reasons for a difficult transition into employment include: attitude of the public, lack of skills attained by persons with disabilities, confidence of persons with disabilities and accessibility. Uganda National Household survey Report 2009/10

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